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   August 28, 2014
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 When it comes out of a toilet that's soiled with feces, it's raw sewage, "black water." When it comes out of a dish washer or washing machine, it's "brown water." In both cases, it's sewage.

When it comes out of those sewage pipes related sewage handling machines and devices, it's called "sewerage," the sewage infrastructure.

When it's simply plain water that overflows into a structure, dwelling, home, a water cleanup follows. Otherwise, it's a sewage cleanup task.

Open for calls every hour and every day of the year. I own my own Los Angeles sewage cleanup company. I handle smaller sewage cleanup needs for home owners and businesses. I accept homeoners insurance, but in most cases, its less expensive to avoid invoking insurance policies for small sewage cleanup needs.

Our Los Angeles County environment gives us some protection from the damages that water from water discharges create. As a result, it makes sense to hire a small infectious waste cleanup company to avoid needless expenses related to large sewage cleanup personnel costs and overhead.


Los Angeles sewage sewage spills, small or large call for a quick response. We suck it up and return it to your sanitary sewer. From there it goes where it should have gone in the first place. 

Then we begin cleaning while following a disinfecting cleanup system. Cleaning we mean scrub-0and-rinse cleaning. In this way we reduce remaining bacteria. Following a thorough cleaning, we sanitize. We sanitize with bleach and water, cleaning solutions like Pine Sol with its turpentine ingredients.

I enjoy using rubbing alcohol on hard surfaces as well as my hands, arms, and shoes. This type of sewage cleanup regains the prior hygenic value of the sewage cleanup area. We sanitize after poop cleanup.

Water removal often plays a part in sewage cleanup. This may seem obvious. The fact remains that many times water dries out even before a family and other know that water discharges occurred. So by the time a water cleanup practitioner arrives at a home for water cleanup, the sewage cleanup becomes, basically, a feces cleanup.


Water Cleanup Introduction

Terms like "principle" give water cleanup practitioners a basic idea about their rules for most infectious waste cleanup work.
We use our reason for the water cleanup process like any other type of cleanup task.

Five ideas brought to water cleanup aid in the drying process for water from the various water classifications. From history we've learned that taking sewage cleanup lightly leads to illness and death in building dwellers as well as entire communities. Even today throughout the world, we still find entire communities sickened by e-coli bacteria found in human feces, a product of improper sewage handling, improper cleaning rules.

here are five general principles used in the restoration of water damaged structures and materials. Applying these principles may require a multi-disciplinary


Time plays a big part in infectious waste cleanup. As we expect, the longer water from water discharges into dwellings and other buildings causes damage. Raw sewage, a "category 3" sewage level in sewage cleanup terms, presents the problems found in feces cleanup.

Because Los Angeles County has a Mediterrainian-like environment, warm and dry most of the time, water damage often remains minimal when a quick sewage cleanup follows a category 3 sewage discharge.

Tools for water cleanup include moisture detection equipment. A simple, battery powered hand tool gives a good indication of water, sewage, presence. Twin electrodes on the end of the sewage, water, detection tool find a closed circuit when in contact with mosture. This helps a good deal with carpet inspection during a water cleanup survey. Usually it's important to find where raw sewage migrates to note the presence of bacteria and its growth.

Other tools include a carpet cleaning wand for removing water and sewage. Air movers and sometimes dehumidifiers play a part in water removal from structures. Again, our Mediterrainian-like environment aids in removing water during most sewage cleanup tasks. Moisture control during water cleanup helps end the spread of contaminating bacteria, in any case. Proper tools help.

Of course air movers help with water removal by helping ventillation of a water polluted area. But, moving air becomes a problem with the presence of raw sewage at times. As a result the water cleanup practitioner moves air slowly as work begins.

Once the extent of water migration becomes known, once all avenues of ventillation open, then a forcefully applied air mover strategy begins. water cleanup following this approach helps to ensure that bacteria remain stranded with water removal.

Like ventillation, temperature control often helps with water removal.

Most often, simply raising a home's termostate and applying ventillation with air movers, fans, goes a long way toward drying out the premises. In extreme case it becomes necessary to force warm, dry air into wall spaces. This occures when sewage and water from a second floor drains down the interior of a home's walls. Simply removing base boards, punching 2" (approximately) holes an inch above the floor for air hoses begins the wall's dry out.

In such cases it's impossible to do a thorough sewage cleanup within a wall's cavity. If required because of odors and health issues, removal of the wall, in part, may be required.

Climate issues like rainfall, temperature, and relative humidity play a part in a building's dry out. As a result we find the water cleanup technician playing a role much like that of a water damage and restoration practitioner.

In such cases where we find these variables related to climate playing a part in water cleanup, the sewage cleanup practitioner's judgement becomes very important. Judgement calls need to error on the side of excess drying as compared to too little drying.


Above grade water cleanup: Most often a structure, home, business above the surrounding ground resides above grade. Allows for water to flow out. A suspended floor in Los Angeles usually has an 18" ventilated airspace below. Itís located above the level of the ground outside.
Permit-required confined space (permit space) means a confined space that has one or more of the following characteristics:

(1) Contains or has a potential to contain a hazardous atmosphere;

(2) Contains a material that has the potential for engulfing an entrant;

(3) Has an internal configuration such that an entrant could be trapped or asphyxiated by inwardly converging walls or by a floor which slopes downward and tapers to a smaller cross-section; or

(4) Contains any other recognized serious safety or health hazard.

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